Updated 10/30/20

The Perinatal Nutrition Collaborative

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The Perinatal Nutrition Collaborative (PNC) is a coalition of organizations with a shared interest and stake in maternal and early childhood nutrition. From obstetric to pediatric to dietary professionals, PNC members align on key guidance and messaging to support the needs of nation and local communities and collaborate for maximum reach, efficiency, and impact. Our members include:

The PNC draws additional expertise from a perinatal advisory board, a group of academic and medical professionals, who serve as key scientific experts for the PNC and provide the collaborative with access to emerging science and current research efforts.

The PNC works collaboratively to address key issues and create needed products in the field:

  • Blogs and interviews with experts

  • Webinars for perinatal health stakeholders

  • Consumer materials

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To learn more about the Perinatal Nutrition Collaborative or to become a part of the collaborative, contact Natasha Bonhomme at [email protected]