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Expecting Health, due in Fall 2017, is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for information and resources on pregnancy, parenting, and beyond. Grounded in real science and evidence-based research, Expecting Health’s website provides women and families with the most current tools and information–from planning a pregnancy to early infant care–when you need it most.

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Topic Areas

Discover the following information (and more!):
  • Planning for Pregnancy
  • Prenatal Care & Testing
  • Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy
  • Labor and Birth
  • Caring for Mom & Family
  • Breastfeeding & Early Infant Care
  • Child Developmental Milestones
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Baby’s First Test houses the nation’s newborn screening clearinghouse. As the clearinghouse, Baby’s First Test connects parents and healthcare providers with extensive information and resources on newborn screening at the local, state, and national levels.visit site

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